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Alpha Star Ltd

Address: 10 Pitts Lane, Andover, Hampshire SP10 2HY
URL: http://www.alpha-star.eu

Alpha Star represents four small leading edge companies in Europe:

a) The APS3 ultra low power, very compact microcontroller IP core is a cost-effective solution to your IC's embedded processing challenges. It consumes very little power, delivers high code density with a tiny silicon footprint.

The 32-bit APS3 from Cortus (http://www.cortus.com) delivers 1.14 DMIPS but only consumes only 22 µW/DMIPS. Key features of the core include:
• Aimed at embedded systems
• Excellent 8051 replacement
• Powerful with 1.14 DMIPS (1.59 DMIPS with hardware divide)
• Designed for high level languages (C/C++)
• Extremely small 9.5 kgates
• Excellent code density
• Very power efficient
• Software development support
The Microprocessor Report recently crowned the Cortus APS3 the “King of Lilliput” for its high performance yet small size. Applications range from simple control applications to high performance DSP, wireless, image processing systems, energy harvesting systems and encryption/decryption.

b) AnXplorer optimisation and centering tool for analog and RF IC designers from AgO (http://www.ago-inc.com). This tool can improve your designer productivity by automating the sizing of devices in a circuit. It also helps maximise your circuit yield by accurate centering across all process, voltage & temperature corners.

c) Design services for your subsystem, PCB, DSP and embedded software development from A2E Design Services (http://www.a2etech.com).

d) Boost your web presence with NeonDrum's B2B news distribution service (http://www.neondrum.com). This service gets:
• Online exposure for your company's news
• Drives quality traffic to your website
• Improves your search engine visibility

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