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Tyndall National Institute - UCC (MAI group)

Address: Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork City, Ireland
URL: www.tyndall.ie

The Tyndall National Institute (TNI) is Ireland’s largest research institute with over 350 personnel. It was created in 2004 to bring together complementary activities in photonics, electronics and networking research at the National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC), several UCC (University College Cork) academic departments and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) creating a focal point of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research in Ireland.
Within the MAI group over 25 researchers are working in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) space focusing on BEM, wearable/healthcare and environmental monitoring applications.
The WSN team has developed a WSN platform ('the Tyndall mote') that has been successfully deployed in over 40 technology applications. The adoption of a wireless and self-powered solutions using techniques such as energy harvesting is a key ingredient for several applications. For example for Building Energy Management (BEM) projects it enables the technology to be retrofitted easily into existing buildings. These motes are then incorporated into smart systems that intelligently monitor and control energy usage in buildings resulting in potential savings of 15-20%.

Mike Hayes

Position: Program manager BEM
E-Mail: michael.hayes [AT] tyndall.ie
Telephone: +353 21 4904328

Mike Hayes graduated in 1987 from UCC with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1994 he completed a part-time M. Eng. Sc at NMRC. From 1987-1995 Mike worked in various roles at Artesyn Technologies, initially as a process development engineer before moving into power supply design engineering .
From 1995-1998 Mike acted as Project Manager for several key custom development projects before being promoted to join Artesyn’s senior management team as Custom Engineering Manager in 1999.
From 2007-2008 Mike moved to the pharmaceutical industry, working at DPS Engineering as a Contract Services account manager. In Nov 2008 Mike joined Tyndall as a Program Manager, co-ordinating activities across several ‘intelligent sensors for wireless network’ energy management projects. This includes a number of innovation partnerships with industrial partners as well as nationally funded BUILDWISE, ITOBO & NEMBES smart Building Energy Management research projects and EU FP7 funded project E4U (Electronics Enabling Energy Efficiency Usage).

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