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Address: Stephenson Building.
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Our multi-disciplinary school offers a wide range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, covering topics from many facets of mechanical engineering. Research within the school is far-ranging and encompasses the fields of bio-engineering, engineering mathematics, MEMS, manufacturing, power and transmission systems, railway research, robotics, smart materials, thermal systems and multiphase flows.

Engineering has been taught at Newcastle since 1871 and we have strong links with both the principal engineering institutions and the engineering industry throughout the world.

Michele Pozzi

Position: Lecturer
E-Mail: michele.pozzi [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Dr Michele Pozzi has considerable experience in a range of research areas, from smart materials to systems. His Diploma in Solid State Physics gives him a deep understanding of the physics underpinning processes and phenomena. As early as during the work for his graduation thesis, with further advancement during his MSc study, he designed and developed new experiments and experimental techniques which enabled the Shape Memory Alloy group in Milan to study new, high transformation temperature alloys, and perform unprecedented measurements in the field of SMAs fatigue.

He subsequently sought new experiences and moved to the UK for a PhD in Mechatronics from the University of Leeds, where he worked on piezoelectric materials. Here, he became an expert in analytical, numerical and FE modelling of mechanical structures and piezoelectric materials.
After his graduation, Dr. Pozzi moved to Thailand where he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University. Here, his diverse knowledge and experiences were employed to the best advantage as he lectured on a range of courses, from physics and dynamics to materials science and mechatronics.

In 2005, he had an opportunity to return to the UK and to active academic research, having been offered the position of Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University. Here, his expertise in analytical and FE modelling was exploited to the full and he designed and modelled MEMS sensors in SiC for harsh environments.
After a short spell in the private sector, of which the responsibilities in the planning of photovoltaic systems while working for YottaWatt srl are worthy of mention, he has recently returned to UK academia and is currently active in the design, modelling and development of human-based energy harvesters.

Relevant Publications
Michele Pozzi, (2016) Magnetic plucking of piezoelectric bimorphs for a wearable energy harvester. In: Smart Materials and Structures, 25(4), p.45008.

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