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Queen Mary has a strong tradition of materials-based research. The creation of the Materials Research Institute (MRI) brings together a range of expertise within several Schools: Engineering and Materials, Physics and Astronomy, Biological and Chemical Sciences, and Dentistry to create a coherent interdisciplinary activity focused on five key research themes.

Joe Briscoe

Position: Post-doctoral research associate
URL: http://www.sems.qmul.ac.uk/j.briscoe
E-Mail: j.briscoe [AT] qmul.ac.uk

Dr Joe Briscoe obtained his PhD from Cranfield University on the topic of quantum dot-sensitised ZnO nanorod solar cell. Following this he moved to Queen Mary where he is carrying out postdoctoral research into the use of nanoscale functional materials in energy harvesting, such as ZnO nanorods for piezoelectric energy harvesters, and ferroelectric photo-catalysts for solar powered conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels.

Relevant Publications

Joe Briscoe, Nimra Jalali, Peter Woolliams, Mark Stewart, Paul Weaver, Professor Markys G Cain, FIMMM, CPhys, (2013) Measurement techniques for piezoelectric nanogenerators. In: Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 3035-3045.

Joe Briscoe, Mark Stewart, Melvin Vopson, Professor Markys G Cain, FIMMM, CPhys, Paul Weaver, (2012) Nanostructured p-n Junctions for Kinetic-to-Electrical Energy Conversion. In: Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 2, pp. 1261-1268.

Joe Briscoe, Emiliano Bilotti, (2012) Measured efficiency of a ZnO nanostructured diode piezoelectric energy harvesting device. In: Applied Physics Letters, 101, 093902.

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