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Swansea University is a research led university that consists of several schools including Engineering, Physical sciences and Medicine. Recent investments in the University include the Institute of Life Sciences, the Institute of Advanced Telecommunications, supercomputing facilities, a digital technium to link the academics with industry and many other infrastructure development projects within the School of Engineering. All of these facilities and the interdisciplinary environment provide a perfect opportunity to researchers to collaborate beyond their traditional areas of research. The energy harvesting research is hosted by the Civil and Computational Engineering Research Centre, which is well known for its innovative research in the area of computational mechanics.

Mike Friswell

Position: Professor of Aerospace Structures
URL: http://michael.friswell.com
E-Mail: m.i.friswell [AT] swansea.ac.uk

Professor Friswell has a wide range of research interests, primarily involving structural dynamics although recently expanding to morphing aircraft and energy harvesting. His long term and continuing interests include the improvement of finite element models using measured data, structural health monitoring, rotating machinery dynamics, model reduction methods, the modelling and analysis of structures with viscoelastic damping, the dynamics of non-linear systems, acoustic emission and active vibration control, adaptive structures and morphing aircraft. The theme running throughout these topics is the modelling and analysis of dynamic structures and systems, and links both experimental data and numerical predictions. The research covers a wide range of traditional engineering disciplines, from civil to aeronautical engineering, and a wide range of topics within these disciplines. Professor Friswell is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures and of the International Journal of Structural Health Monitoring, and is on the editorial board or scientific committee for many journals and international conferences.

Relevant Publications
Mike Friswell, (2010) Sensor shape design for piezoelectric cantilever beams to harvest vibration energy. In: Journal of Applied Physics, 108[1], pp. 014901:1-6.

G. Litak, Mike Friswell, (2010) Magnetopiezoelastic energy harvesting driven by random excitations. In: Applied Physics Letters, 96[5], pp. 214103:1-3.

Mike Friswell, (2010) Piezoelectric energy harvesting with parametric uncertainty. In: Smart Materials & Structure, IOP, 19 (2010) 105010 (9pp) .

Mike Friswell, Daniel J. Inman, (18) Piezoelectric energy harvesting from broadband random vibrations. In: Smart Materials & Structures, 18[11], pp. 115005:1-7.

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