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Vodera Ltd

Address: 145-157 St John St, EC1V 4PY, London, UK
URL: http://www.vodera.com

Vodera is a specialist provider of innovation management services to R&D intensive organisations across Europe interested in technology commercialisation and business growth. The company supports its clients and collaborators during all stages of technology development and exploitation, from proof of concept through to market launch. Vodera delivers its services to research and development corporations, start-ups and universities either directly or as part of regional and national government agency initiatives. Vodera build and maintain databases and close relationships with many experts from academia, industry, and government, who are an invaluable resource when it comes to consultation, dissemination or commercial exploitation activities.

Costis Kompis

Position: Managing Partner
URL: http://www.costiskompis.com
E-Mail: costis.kompis [AT] vodera.com
Telephone: 07702831212

Dr Costis Kompis specialises in knowledge exchange, technology transfer and research strategy. He has fifteen years of experience, the first part of which was devoted to ICT research and development and the second part to innovation management and technology commercialisation. Prior to Vodera, he held positions with Sira, Nokia, Domain Dynamics, the Vienna Telecommunications Research Center, the Multimedia Systems Center, the University College London and the University of Sheffield. His work has received several awards, including a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, an EPSRC Realising Our Potential Award, a Nokia Invention Award, and the Ericsson First Award of Excellence in Telecommunications. He has a PhD in Computer Science, an MSc in Technology and Innovation Management and an MEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering. He has also been trained in project management, intellectual property exploitation, technology roadmapping and contract law.

Blog Posts

Relevant White Papers, Reports and Case Studies
Costis Kompis, Prateek Sureka (Editors), (2010) Power Management Technologies to Enable Remote and Wireless Sensing. In: ESP KTN Report, May 2010, Teddington, UK.

Costis Kompis, Simon Aliwell, (2008) Energy Harvesting Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing . In: Sensors & Instrumentation KTN Report, June 2008, London, UK.

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