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Zartech Ltd

URL: www.zartech.co.uk

Zartech provides an innovation management, research and technology commercialisation service to companies, universities and other public sector organisations. It helps organisations engage in open innovation, find and understand markets and secure funds to maximise the exploitation of technology.

In addition to market and technical strengths Zartech is well networked along the supply chains from R&D to end-users of technology to deliver insightful and informed analysis of the potential of your technology.

Our strength is the combination of market insight, technical know-how and an extensive network in both industry and academia. This allows us to provide up to date and in-depth knowledge that helps inform technology commercialisation decisions. It also enables us to help public sector organisations develop approaches for longer term exploitation of science and technology and benefit from knowledge exchange.

Zartech is primarily focussed on technologies derived from the physical sciences.

Application has been in sectors as diverse as security, oil & gas, petrochemical, environment, food processing, health, aerospace and leading edge scientific research facilities.

• Sensors (all types)
• Instrumentation
• Spectroscopy
• Photonic sources
• Imaging
• Detectors
• Measurement
• Enabling technologies for sensing e.g. wireless, energy harvesting, data analysis & and standards

Simon Aliwell

Position: Managing Director
E-Mail: simon.aliwell [AT] zartech.co.uk
Telephone: 020 8249 3807

Building on a research career at Cambridge University and University College London, Simon has a background in sensors technology research and further experience in technology commercialisation at Sira Ltd, the National Physical Laboratory and Zartech Ltd. Areas of technical expertise include various forms of spectroscopy and semiconductor sensors, instrument design and development and deployment in the field with a particular emphasis on gas sensing. He has lead teams providing innovation management services and consultancy to industry, government and academia and started and run a number of technology networks including the Sensors & Instrumentation KTN. He has worked extensively with companies large and small to help access technology, markets and both public and private sector finance. He has a particular interest in support to early stage companies seeking investment and helping large companies acquire technology capability. He has a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry from Cambridge and an MBA from London Business School.

Blog Posts

Relevant White Papers, Reports and Case Studies
Costis Kompis, Simon Aliwell, (2008) Energy Harvesting Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing . In: Sensors & Instrumentation KTN Report, June 2008, London, UK.

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