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Energy Harvesting 2013

Prime sponsor: Energy Harvesting SiG.
Date: Monday 25th March 2013
Location: Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD

The Energy Harvesting Network held its annual one-day dissemination event on 25th March 2013 at Hamilton House, London. The Network is EPSRC-funded, and is for academia, industry and end-users of energy harvesting technology. The prime sponsors of the event were the EPSRC and Energy Harvesting SiG.

The event provided a platform for disseminating energy-harvesting advances in the UK, and contained presentations from well-respected speakers in academia and industry, demonstrations from both universities and companies, and posters from postgraduate research students. Speakers included Paul Mitcheson (Imperial College, London), Douglas Paul (University of Glasgow), Luca Gammiatoni (Universita di Perugia), and Meiling Zhu (Cranfield University).

The presentations, short company pitches, and PhD student posters can be downloaded by following the links below (you can also download the agenda and flyer for the event):

9:15 Arrival, Registration and Coffee
9:45 Welcome and Introduction
Steve Beeby, University of Southampton
9.50 Keynote: The role of Microenergies: why studying micro energies can push the autonomous sensor market and the future of computing at once.
Luca Gammiatoni, Universita di Perugia
10.20 Microfabricated Thermoelectric Devices on Silicon Substrates
Douglas Paul, University of Glasgow
10.40 Commercialising your ideas with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Neil Grice, KTP advisor
10.55 Coffee Break and Networking
11:15 Vibrational Energy Harvesting for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring
Ashwin Seshia, Cambridge University
11:35 Piezo Film for Energy Harvesting
Richard Brown, Measurement Specialties
11.55 'Elevator Pitches' from Companies with Stands at this Event
Agilent, IDTechEx, Perpetuum
12:10 Buffet Lunch and Poster Session

Flexible Low Temperature Piezoelectric Films For Harvesting From Textiles
A. Almusallam (University of Southampton)

Free-standing Piezoelectric Thick-film Energy Harvester with Enhanced Output Power Density
Yang Bai (University of Birmingham)

Solar Absorbing Nano Coatings
Nikita Bascombe (Bedford Girls School and Cranfield University)

Optimization of Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
Pol Blasco, (Imperial College London)

Exploring Screen Printing Technology On Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting With Printing Copper-Nickel And Bismuth-Antimony Thermocouples
Z. Cao (University of Southampton)

Power Density Improvement of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester through use of a Micropower Switch-Mode Interface
A. D. T. Elliott (Imperial College London)

Semiconductor Materials for Nanopiezogenerators
Joydeep Pal (The University of Manchester)

Magnetic Beam Plucking In A Piezoelectric Energy Harvester With Rotating Proof Mass
Pit Pillatsch (Imperial College London)

The New Wireless: Efficient Inductive Power Transfer
Manuel Pinuela (Imperial College London) - Winner of Best Poster Award

Design-for-Adaptivity of Microarchitectures
Maxim Rykunov (Newcastle University)

Energy Modulated Computing
A. Baz (Newcastle University)

13:40 Keynote: Energy harvester powered sensors: A holistic approach
Paul Mitcheson, Imperial College London
14.10 European Thermodynamics
Kevin Simpson, European Thermodynamics
14:30 Development of Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Communication System for Energy Autonomous Sensing
Meiling Zhu, Cranfield University
14:50 Best Poster Award, Coffee Break and Networking
15:10 Keynote: Energy Harvesting - Progress and Challenges
Roy Freeland, President Perpetuum Ltd; Chairman of the 100.18 standards committee
15:40 Zinc Oxide Nanorod P-N Junction-Based Piezoelectric Energy Generators
Steve Dunn, Queen Mary, University of London
16:00 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting at Morgan
Frederick Pimparel, Morgan Electroceramics
16:20 End of Event

A "Best Poster" prize of a £100 Amazon voucher was awarded to Manuel Pinuela (Imperial College London) for his poster titled The New Wireless: Efficient Inductive Power Transfer.

best poster award

Below are a selection of photos from the event:

Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013
Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013 Energy Harvesting 2013

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