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Energy Harvesting 2017

Date: Wednesday 05th April 2017
Location: Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA, United Kingdom

The Energy Harvesting Network held its annual one-day dissemination event on 5th April 2017 at the Manchester Town Hall, Manchester. The Network is self-funded and run by a team of academics and industrialists, and is for the benefit of academia, industry and end-users of energy harvesting technology. The event was supported by the KTN and sponsored by 8Power Ltd and Perpetuum Ltd.

The event provided a platform for disseminating energy-harvesting advances and applications in the UK and contained presentations from well-respected speakers in academia and industry. The presentations and PhD student posters can be downloaded by following the links below:

9:30 Arrival, Registration, Networking and Refreshments
10:00 Welcome and Introduction
Dibin Zhu, University of Exeter; Yu Jia, University of Chester
10.10 Keynote: Energy harvesting for wearable applications
Prof Steve Beeby, University of Southampton
10.40 Design and optimisation of miniature vibration energy harvesters to supply low-power sensing systems
Dr Emmanuelle Arroyo, University of Cambridge
11.00 Vibration energy harvesting, from lab to field
Paul Egan, 8power Ltd
11.20 Coffee Break, Exhibition, Networking and Poster Session
11:45 Thermoelectrics: Energy harvesting and Scavenging Heat from the Earth
Dr Jonathan Siviter, University of Glasgow
12:05 Sublimation engines: some proof-of-concept results
Dr Rodrigo Ledesma Aguilar, Northumbria University
12:25 'Elevator Pitches' from Exhibiting Companies
12:35 Buffet Lunch, Exhibition, Networking and Poster Session

Posters from:

Connection configurations to increase operational range and output power of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters
Sijun Du, University of Cambridge

Auxetic strain amplification for enhanced energy harvesting power
William J. G. Ferguson, University of Exeter

Harvesting nonlinear vibration within high G rotational systems
James Horne, University of Chester

Energy harvesting from raindrop impacts using piezoelectric devices
Adnan Ilyas, Heriot-Watt University

Optimisation of Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvesters
John McCrory, Cardiff University

A hip implant energy harvester
Kantida Pancharoen, University of Southampton

Improved energy outputs from piezoelectric bimorph beam by snap-through-action for energy harvester applications
David Pritchard, University of Exeter

Ferroelectret materials in energy harvesting for human body application
Junjie Shi, University of Southampton

Feasibility of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester powered wireless tracking of falcons - Best Poster Winner
Maisie Snowdon, University of Chester

13:45 Keynote: Energy Harvesting demands for emerging applications
Sandra Fernandez and David Earle, McLaren Applied Technologies
14:10 Inductive Power Transfer in the MHz ISM bands
Prof Paul Mitcheson, Imperial College London
14:30 Zero-Power Monitoring and Wake-Up for Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensors, and Remote-Controlled Devices
Dr Plamen Proynov, University of Bristol
14:50 Knowledge Transfer Network: connecting people to accelerate innovation
Nigel Rix, KTN
15:00 Best Poster Award, Coffee Break, Exhibition and Networking
15.30 Advances in vibrational energy harvesting for applications in IoT
Prof. Saibal Roy, Tyndall National Institute
15:50 Strain energy harvesting powered wireless sensor nodes
Dr Zheng Jun Chew, University of Exeter
16:10 EH powered rail track monitoring goes global
Roy Freeland, Perpetuum Ltd
16:30 End of Event and Departure

A "Best Poster" prize of a £100 Amazon voucher was awarded to Maisie Snowdon (University of Chester) for their poster titled Feasibility of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester powered wireless tracking of falcons.

best poster award

Below are a selection of photos from the event:

Energy Harvesting 2017 Energy Harvesting 2017 Energy Harvesting 2017 Energy Harvesting 2017

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